Legal Articles & Studies

Legal Articles & Studies

ECHR - a new judgment that restores confidence in Justice and the protection of Property | 2020, October, JURIDICE.RO

Although this brief analysis was intended to be an informative one on a legal issue, we believe that the reaction of one of the beneficiaries of the analyzed decision – Mrs. Anca Zlătescu – (the successor of the petitioner in the initial complaint to the European Court of Human Rights) reflects most the presentation of this decision. She started crying and could barely whisper through her tears: “What a pity that my mother is not among us anymore, to rejoice…”
In such moments you realize, once again, more than in other situations,
how important is Justice as a basic human need!

The tiger escaped from the menagerie or the choice between “Pacta sunt servanda” and “Non haec in foedera veni” | 2020, iunie, JURIDICE.RO

“CONTRACTS in time of coronavirus”, could have been another title for this study.
Seeing the title, the reader might say: “What kind of article is this?
What does it mean to choose between “Pacta sunt servanda” (Contracts must be respected) and “Non haec in foedera veni” (Not that’s what I promised to do)?
And what is the connection between the tiger and us, those who would be curious to read?!
You will find out if you have the patience to read until the end the legal “story” generated by the COVID-19 pandemic on contracts.

The effectiveness of the right of access to Justice in civil matters | (together with Emeritus Univ. Prof. Dr. Corneliu Birsan)

Fundamental rights in state of emergency (I) Considerations on the Emergency Government Ordinance no. 28/2020 | 2020, March, JURIDICE.RO

Why do we need a “Romanian Lawyer’s Day”? | 2017, June 24th, JURIDICE.RO

Quo vadis CEDO? | 2017, March 23rd, JURIDICE.RO

Restrictions on the right of access in magistrates’ disciplinary proceedings | 2016, December 7th, JURIDICE.RO

The impact of EU law in the analysis of the unconstitutionality of the Debt to asset Law (Datio in Solutum) | 2016, September 12th, JURIDICE.RO

Lawyers, bring the convention to life by invoking it! Magistrates, apply it! | 2016, January 29th, JURIDICE.RO

Advocacy in Romania - 150 Years on the forefront of the Fight for Law | Hamangiu Publishing House, 2015

Articles in volume:
The effectiveness of the right of access to justice in civil matters
Violations of the right of access to justice and the right to property through the Emergency Government Ordinance no. 80/2013 regarding the judicial stamp duties

European Court of Human Rights or European Court of States Rights? | Monica Livescu in the volume In honorem Corneliu Birsan|

Table of Contents (ro/en) | Text Extras – Laudatio
Hamangiu Publishing House, Law Review journal, 2013
Abstract: Will the European Court of Human Rights offer, in the future, a “fair justice” to European justice-seekers and will it retain the role as “guardian” of human rights that it has had so far?
Or will it be more a Court of States’ rights, where the “margin of appreciation” will prevail against the violations invoked by European justice-seekers?
Based on these questions, the article examines the evolution of the praetorian concept “margin of appreciation” ’s role in applying the rules of the European Convention of Human Rights.
It is also analysed the margin of appreciation granted to the Romanian State in cases regarding military pension adjustment, labour rights and the evolution of the concept of “possession” in cases of immovable property wrongfully acquired by the State, observing the influence of the economic crisis upon changes of the Court’s jurisprudence, contrary to the interests of justice-seekers.
Next, the article analyses the current situation and the direction that are foreseen as a result of the Declaration of Brighton’s adoption, raising an alarm signal about the future protection of human rights.
The Court, a victim of its success, is now about to suffocate due to the considerable amount of cases, but this problem should not lead to denial of justice, by imposing new barriers to justice-seekers or by granting to much weight to the margin of appreciation of States.
It is considered that, in these circumstances, the risk of denial of justice is no longer a mere school hypothesis and it is asserted a “reform of the reform”, since the credibility of the European protection mechanism is at stake.

Aspects of unconstitutionality in regulating the submission and administration of the interrogation addressed to legal entities | 2015, February 16th, JURIDICE.RO

Violations of the right of access to justice and the right to property through the Emergency Government Ordinance no. 80/2013 regarding the judicial stamp duties | 2014, March 28th, JURIDICE.RO

Random allocation of court files - between regulation and reality | 2012, December 4th, JURIDICE.RO

Law practice and business environment | Sociological study | Lawyer Dan Livescu, Lawyer Monica Livescu, Univ. Prof. Dr. Septimiu Chelcea, Alexandru Zodieru